Symbolic IO Appoints Industry Veteran as Chief Technology Officer

Rob Peglar, Former Micron Executive, Brings More Than 30 Years of Storage Technology Experience to Symbolic IO

New York – July 12, 2016Symbolic IO™, the developer of the industry’s first computational-defined storage solution, IRIS™ (Intensified RAM Intelligent Server), today announced that Rob Peglar, formerly Vice President, Advanced Storage at Micron Technology (NASDAQ: MU), has joined the startup’s executive team as Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer (CTO). 

“My vision when founding Symbolic IO was simple – create a new method to actually solve today’s challenges instead of incrementally building on an archaic and flawed approach.  When Rob approached us about joining the company, it reinforced the fact that some of the most respected thought leaders in this industry recognize the revolutionary nature of what Symbolic IO is about to bring to market.  Rob shares the belief that the industry has run its course on today’s compute and storage models and it’s time to reinvent the way we approach how compute, storage, and networking works,” said Brian Ignomirello, Founder and CEO, Symbolic IO. “We are excited to have an executive like Rob being on the front lines to help further illustrate and educate customers on how to solve real business challenges with IRIS™ technology.”

“What Symbolic IO is doing, is quite frankly, the most innovative approach to stored data in 20 years, with huge implications on compute and how we architect systems in general and distributed systems in particular, “ said Peglar.  “It’s not every day that a company comes along with a truly innovative and new technology. What Symbolic IO is doing is a once-in-a-generation, breakthrough approach to the problem of optimally storing and using data for efficient computation. Just like all the major players got their start, we’ve created new category called computational defined storage.” 

The company’s IRIS™ product is currently offered in three variations: IRIS COMPUTE®, IRIS VAULT® and IRISSTORE®. 


About Symbolic IO

Symbolic IO is the first computational defined storage solution solely focused on advanced computational algorithmic compute engine, which materializes and dematerializes data – effectively becoming the fastest, most dense, portable and secure, media and hardware agnostic – storage solution.

The company was founded in 2012 by Brian Ignomirello, the former CTO of Hewlett Packard’s Global storage team, in an effort to transform the current enterprise storage industry from focusing on hardware, cards, chips and processors to embracing the way that big data works today and addressing the challenges facing companies with legacy systems. 


Based in Holmdel, NJ at BellWorks facility Symbolic IO and its IRIS™ product is set to transform enterprise data storage for media, government, healthcare, finance, military and other industries, by allowing traditional storage activities that relied on drives, chips and processors to be media-agnostic and data driven, which results in faster access, more security and decrease in overhead costs.