The server solution introduces a new approach to storage and computing by rethinking how binary bits are processed, ultimately changing the way data is utilized.  Symbolic’s solutions ensure that enterprise storage and compute no longer rely on media or hardware, instead “materializing” and “dematerializing” data in real-time and providing greater flexibility, performance and security.

Media agnostic

Computational power

Limitless enterprise storage

Ability to preform massive queries

How it Works

Symbolic IO’s proprietary operating system, SymCE™ is dependent solely on the power of the processor, making it truly media agnostic. It enhances the underlying media’s density and performance, beyond anything previously conceived. The proprietary technology is based on patented algorithms that work seamlessly with the current workflow and instruction sets, allowing for an easy implementation and zero downtime. The solution is the most secure offering today, given the operating system is a conversion engine converting any data into a new sub-state, rendering the information useless to anyone else other than the systems owner. The data isn’t stored.