10 Things to look for while building backlinks

Backlinks have always been the most important factor while determing the ranking of the website in search
engines. Most of the people are only familiar with Page Rank and look for a page with a higher PR to get
links. There are many more factors involved in backlinking. I will list down 10 most important factors which
will help you get the most powerful backlinks from the web.

1 ) Page Rank(PR):- It is the most important factor while shortlisting the pages you want to link to. PR
algorithm was invented by Larry Page and plays an important role while determining the authority of the page.
It is always better to go for high PR pages. In my opinion you should link to pages with PR 3 and above to get
the most benifit from it. There are many free tools to check the Page Rank of the webpage.

2 ) Anchor text:- It is always a good practice to put your keywords as an anchor text where ever possible while
creating backlinks as search engines will know, what the linked page is about and will definitely present you
with an improved ranking for that keyword.

3 ) DF/NF :- Do check that the links which you are getting is a dofollow or nofollow. It was implemented by
google algorithm to figure out which links should be crawled and which shouldn’t. In simple words a dofollow
link passes linkjuice to the linked page while nofollow doesn’t.

4 ) Relevancy :- Content being the king, it becomes important to try and get links from relevant pages. A link
from a PR5 irrelevant page holds less value than one from PR2 with relevant content. THis is not the actual
calculation but you get the idea what i am trying to explain.

5 ) Outbound links(OBL):- It is the number of links to other websites from the page. The less the number of
OBLs, the more link juice each links on that page will get. As the number of OBLs increase, the link juice
starts to divide between them. It is a always a good practice to create backlinks on pages with less than 50

6 ) Total links:- Total links is the number of links on that pages including OBLs. It is the sum of the
internal links and outbound links. As with outbound links, the less the number the suitable is the page for

7 ) IP:- While most people ignore the ip, it does play an important role while determining the ranking of the
website. Suppose you want to rank in UK and all the links which you have created are on USA domains, then your ranking will be better in USA and not in UK. Try and get your links from the pages which are hosted on your targeted Country. Also make sure that you are not getting all the links from same IP.

8 ) Domain Age:- The more the age of the domain, the more authority website it is. And when they link to your website, you get an authority link.

9 ) Alexa:- Not an important factor, but still gives you an idea about the traffic of the page. Page with less
alexa have more traffic, so you have a better chance of getting traffic from that page.

10 ) DMOZ :- Being the oldest free authority webdirectory, it is important to check if the website is listed in
that web directory. If it is not, still go ahead with the links Now a days it is very difficult to get
listed there. You just submit your website and forget.

There are many tools which show you all these factors of the page at the same time. A free tool which shows
some of these imformation is SEO Quake, a firefox plugin. Hope after reading this all the SEOs out there will
not just look for page rank but also the other factors.


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