10 Valuable Tips to Create Income Freelance Blog Writing

Do you have a knack for writing and wish you could make an extra buck from your talent? You should consider freelance blog writing. Most business owners rarely have time to write for their blogs as it is a painstaking and time consuming endeavor. This is why they choose to hire freelancers.

One of the major benefits of choosing freelance blog writing as a career is that it is flexible. This means that you can write from wherever you are, at any given time of day or night. So, what does it take to become a successful freelance blog writer?

Becoming an accomplished blog writer is not easy. This is especially so if you have never written a piece in your life. However, with the 20 valuable tips below, you will be able to create income as a freelance blog writer.

1) Keep your day job: You still need to pay your bills. You won’t make much when you first start out so you would best keep your day job. Focus on sharpening your writing and marketing skills when you first start out. You can set apart a few hours a day to write.

2) Have you own blog: Start out with a personal blog. Write and post some of your work here. You will use the blog to showcase your style of writing, and sharpen your skills. You should know that blog writing is not similar to print writing even though some writing rules are similar.

3) Getting noticed: Do not expect to be an instant hit. It takes time to build a reputation in the industry so you shouldn’t give up. You can promote your blog through social media sites such as twitter. You might just nail your first client this way.

4) Guest blogging: This is a great way to get noticed. Look for more established bloggers and offer to write for them. Suggest a good idea (one that will benefits his/her blog) and make sure that the post you write has links to your blog. This way, you can tap into the traffic of the popular blog.

5) Search for freelance jobs: There are many job boards online where you can get freelance writing gigs and start earning. A job board like FreelaneSwitch.com always has requests for freelance writers in different niches.

6) Recognize your worth: Have an hourly target rate. When you’re learning the ropes of blog writing, you can start charging a little below your initial rate. You can increase the rate once you have written for some time (a couple of weeks or months).

7) Give it your all: Always make sure that each post you give out to the sites you are writing for is the very best. This will increase your chances of growth through referrals.

8) Meet deadlines: Missing deadlines just makes you look unprofessional. Start by setting deadlines for yourself and make sure you meet them.

9) Sharpen your research skills: Writing about something you are passionate about will not only be interesting for you, but will also enable you to connect with readers who share the same passion. Granted, you won’t have a firm grasp of every topic you’ll be expected to write about, but great research skills will help you bridge the gap.

10) The professional details: As a professional, ensure that you insist on contracts. Go over all the details related to the job you are about to take on before you commence. These details include the payment rate, payment mode, length of post, the format of the post, whether you are to include images, the deadline, and style of submission (if any).

These 10 tips will give you a great start to life as a freelance blog writer.

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