10 Ways to Effectively Build Your Brand Online

Utilize Social Media like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube

Social media has become the best way to be engaged with your customers. I have found that for small web businesses or blogs, it can be very easy to manage social media yourself. For my own web business, I consider social media my best free advertising method. It has not cost me a dime to build my Twitter following but instead just my time. I’m aware that my time is money but I feel the investment pays off with social media.

The main goal varies for each network. The thing you need to realize is that a variety of people use these social media platforms and if you are not using them, then you will miss out in terms of reach.

Be Active on YouTube

You should create your own channel and submit quality videos in the name of your business regularly. The goal here is to gather a lot of subscribers by creating and marketing videos within your niche. Once you have followers, it will become easier to go viral and your YouTube videos will practically market themselves. If you can reach a very very small percentage of people who go to YouTube on a daily basis, then it is a great way to build your brand.

If you have a blog or a website then you should link out to your YouTube profile on the front page.

Distribute a Press Release

Focus on using press releases so you can get into Google news. Also, make sure you have some type of news to report because that is the goal of a press release. The reason that this method can be so effective is because so many people read the news online and many will spread your article and help give you website traffic and a social media following.

Build an Authority

You can build an authority for your blog by becoming an expert in your niche. How to do this? It is simple. You just need to show your readers that you know what you are talking about. In other words, you need to write good quality posts for your blog that your readers can learn from. The best way to build an authority is to constantly research and stay updated in your industry so you can provide those who follow you with relevant and trending information.

Write Guest Blogs

There are blogs all over the internet that get thousands of visitors on a daily basis. These are people who go to read the first article they see and many will typically share these articles. So how is this important for you? Well, many bloggers today are accepting guest posts in order to keep up with the demands of their traffic and to help post more quality content. In return, you can post it under your business name and probably get two links back to your website. In other words, this is just like a press release but it is actually free most of the time.

Give out Free Branded Things

The best way to build your brand I believe is to give things out for free. Some ideas for free items might be trial versions of your products, one-time services, free eBooks/reports, free t-shirts/magnets, and free stickers can all help your brand. You can also say to your followers that they can have a free eBook as long as they send out a tweet or Facebook update that advertises your business.

Write for a specific audience

You can’t drive targeted traffic to your blog if you’re writing your blog post for a broad audience. A broad audience will not magically turn into targeted traffic. Therefore, you should write for specific audience within your niche in order to drive the kind of traffic that you need to attract. If you have several niches, then sector off your website well so that you can appeal to the masses. The main goal here is to not combine your stop smoking website with your luxury car website because they don’t mesh well.

Build a strong reputation on relevant forums

Forums can help you to get in touch with the targeted audience within your niche. The trick is to establish good reputation in forums related to your niche. Then, put your blog link in your signature area. This way can effectively increase your traffic.

My tip to you is to join the top 2 forums within your niche and then post about 5-10 times per day on each. It will only take about 5 minutes usually to give people some quality feedback on a question their having. Then, if the forum gets a lot of traffic, many people will see the link you leave behind in your signature attached to your quality answer and this becomes a great free method of advertising.

Use PPC advertising

This might be a costly method to drive targeted traffic to your blog, but it might bring you the best result. So, if you have the budget to set up a good PPC campaign for your blog, you should do it. One thing I will tell you is that this step takes plenty of research and you should understand services like Google Adwords before you waste thousands of dollars. You need to advertise an opt-in page so you can effectively grab each customer. Then, you must make sure that your investment per customer is worth the return you are getting. If it is not, then continue to refine your offer and find ways to reduce costs.

Submit your post link to many social bookmarking websites

These websites can potentially help your website go viral. Social bookmarking websites such as Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc. will help you to attract quick traffic to your website’s business. There are certain niches that have more success with these websites so make sure you understand where you can be effective.

The most important part of this post is to get the word out there to the masses. If you want people to be aware of your business then you need to spread the word of what you do, why you are important, and how you appeal to your target market. If you have a great problem to solve for people, then you need to do everything in your power to let them know about it.

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