10 Ways to Market Your New Blog or Website

You need to promote your new website or blog for you to get more traffic and more sales. Remember publishing a new post is output and not outflow. This is because no one is aware that you published it. You have to promote it after publishing it to create an outflow. You promote your blog by getting out of your comfort zone and communicate to people. The basic equation is outflow=inflow. Below are strategies to use in order to promote your blog effectively:

This is an act of modifying your blog or website design too often. The design of your blog does not matter so long as people know about it. Tweaking might turn blogs into huge, unnecessary projects. Avoid tweaking your project for about 60 days and focus on the outflow.

For a new blog, you should first create a pillar post and populate it with other great posts. Pillar post is created to be a major resource of your blog. They are the foundation of your blog or website content. You should create a resource that is going to be over and above others in your niche. You can make a pilar by combining your own unique content and other great content from other people. That is being a content curator. The pillar post should be unique. As you promote your blog or website, you should refer people to your pillar posts.

It is a strategy that strongly promotes your website. You have to convince people to subscribe to your email list. Make sure you give them great content so that they don’t unsubscribe. Building an email list allows you to get social shares and lovely comments on your new blogs. You start by getting an auto-respondr account. Then build your email list from it. Always encourage them to visit your website frequently to get updates of your new staffs.

You can reach anybody who has visited your site in the past using a paid ad. It is easy and cheap to do. You should also at least set up a Facebook advertising pixel. Facebook builds a custom audience to web visitors to your blog behind the scene. This strategy allows you to reach to visitors who leave your site without conversion to get back and convert.

Social media helps you to communicate to your potential customers and encourage them to buy your staffs. You should provide content that will get make them to visit your website frequently. Give them reasons why they should like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter. Keep them updated on the new ads from since they last visited your site.

Social media allows for a word of mouth marketing. You are in a position to know how people are responding and what they recommend. Social media is also helpful when it comes to real time communication and customer service inquiries. You can also create different profile on different social media groups.

To promote your blog or website, you have to communicate to people. Thus, you should spend time figuring out who’s, what’s and what-not’s of your niche. You should identify big and small players and the influencers. You should also take note on the things in your niche. They include competing sites, communities and groups, products for sale, major YouTube channels and podcasts in your niche. This will help you create a major references file on all competitors in your niche.

This is a strategy that will promote your blog or website to a huge population. Guest posting on others blogs in your niche allows you to market your own blog and access external links. The more links you get, the better the placement of your site on different search engines. It draws more visitors to your site through the link you include in your biography at the end of guest post. This allows for more traffic. Thus your site gets market to diverse kind of people.

Personal reputation drives traffic to your website. You can build your credibility in your niche through public relation strategies. It helps you to build awareness to your post and increase your conversion rates. You can build your reputation through serving as a source of journalist’s articles. This will help drive traffic and generate interest in your website/blog. You should be honest and original.

You should facilitate a two-way communication. Encourage people to talk back to you and always acknowledge them. Be an active part of the conversation wherever it takes place.

Commenting smartly and participating on other sites creates backlinks. It gives you a room to learn the need of your market. You should only post comments on other blog posts if they are legit to ad. Avoid using your brad name and use your own name. Try hard to participate in influential communities in the socila media. Interaction will enable you to know the needs and wants of your market.

This is a strategy of increasing visibility of your website in search engines. You should optimize your pages with keyword phrases. These are phrases that people are likely to search for. Google’s keyword generator allows you to research on keywords to use. Remove barriers to indexing activities of search engines by editing existing content. Show popularity and importance of your website by icreasing the number of backlinks or inbound links.


Point all your action outward into the world in order to promote your new blog. This will help you attract world’s attention and in turn growth and money. The more you promote your site, the more income you get.

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