15 Best Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners in 2017

Once started a blog, the question arises how to publicize it and to get a good market response. These 15 best affiliate marketing tips for beginners will be great help to bloggers (new and pros) in this aspect. In this article you will get informative tips that you can apply to your blog and make your affiliate marketing efforts more fruitful.


As affiliate marketing works in the fashion of promoting products by your written content, therefore always promote the product that you have come across multiple times and are very much familiar with. If the product is [http://web.archive.org/web/20180406215840/http://www.makemoneybloggers.com/keyword-research-amazon-niche-site-make-1000/] familiar, then it means that you will apply minimum efforts to get maximum response. The results are different if you promote a non- familiar product as compared to the product that is known to the customers. The reason is that customers are searching for such products and by little marketing efforts you can make a sale of such products.

2. Be Honest:

This always works for effective affiliate marketing because your true feelings are conveyed by your content. In this regard even if you feel dissatisfied with some aspects of the product feel free to share them as well. Secondly, do a good research work and if possible try the product yourself. It helps to create a credibility of your opinion. Thirdly if you used the product, you can write about its pros and cons more effectively.

3. Affiliate With Trustworthy Companies:

This is very important that you do affiliate marketing for reliable products of the reliable companies that pay you on time. Once you promote the wrong product ONLY ONCE!! People stop believing your content. You can check the terms and conditions of the return policy and money back guarantee. If in case the client is not happy with the product, the company is willing to refund. This is very important point when you are dealing online.

4. Check Cookies expiration terms and conditions

Check cookies expiration terms and conditions of the affiliate marketing companies. Beginners are confused right! Well this is a best affiliate marketing tips for beginners as I think pros must be familiar with this technique. All you have to do is that check the cookies expiration of affiliate marketing companies. Always select companies that provide maximum time for your cookies. It means that if a visitor from your website has visited the affiliate company, then it saves your referral link for that product for maximum time.

For instance you are selling software online via affiliate marketing. Visitor has visited your website and clicked your referral link and goes to the third party website. Now that website will save cookies for your referral link for a month,2 months or 3 months. Now if the visitor has not purchased the software that day, it doesn’t mean you lost the deal. If that visitor visits the website of Affiliate Company and purchases that software after a few days or after 40 days or so on, you will get the commission. I hope you will always check this option now as this can save your efforts and make it fruitful till maximum time.

5. Purposeful Products

You have to keep in mind that the products you promote must have a purpose among the audience for e.g. promoting a toy in an audience of adults will be completely useless. Always keep your audience in your mind while selecting a product. If you want to promote any makeup products, then the target audience is female customers. Men have nothing to do with makeup products, so plan your marketing efforts accordingly.

6. Content is the King of your Blog

Always remember that a not-so-famous product becomes wanted at once if the promotional content is convincing and appealing. Write content in a witty and interesting way as to generate curiosity among the audience to give it a try. Use conversational tone and interactive tone while writing about the products. Try to make your content reader friendly, so that everyone can read and understand it. Use attractive words to make mind of customers at the spot. One more best affiliate marketing tips for beginners is that please stuff your content with sales call. Make it flow naturally throughout the content.

7. SEO Friendly Content:

If your content is accepted by search engine it will earn you free and more audience than in other cases. Also it will help in positive image building that will increase your following and generate maximum traffic. The content of your website or blog is considered main part of on page search engine optimization. Learn how to write seo content with targeted keywords. This will help google to index your content easily and you can get free customers from search engines

8. Experiment in your Blog Lab

It is human nature that we want change every instant. Clichéd phrases, fonts, layouts and writing style can make your content too mainstream and boring for the audience. So always keep on experimenting with twists and turns. Not only the writing style but also try to change the design of your posts. Track your affiliate marketing products and check which links are more visible to audience. Change the position of those links on which click rate is less. So keep doing experimenting and you can get good results.

9. Compare and Contrast Approach

One of the best affiliate marketing tips for beginners is to compare the product you are promoting with a similar product of some other company. Point out the negatives in the other product and their solutions via advancements in the product that you are promoting. You can make videos for comparing products and can explain via images as well. It is up to you whatever works for you go with that method.

10. Try, Try and You will Succeed

Now this is a tip which works in every field of life. You have to be excessively patient for gaining good reviews and audience for your content. People take time to make decisions, so please don’t hurry for making sales and making money online. This is a slow process but a guaranteed process that you can earn online. Work consistently and try, try and you will succeed.

11. I spy with my Eye- Check professional blogs

Get inspirations and ideas from the pros in the field. See their content and try to adopt the points that are benefiting them. Check their layout of blogs and websites and try to come up with more attractive design. You need to check how they are pitching the sales and how they have placed the ads. Try copy their techniques only and take tips from them. If you are into affiliate marketing then take best affiliate marketing tips for beginners from pro bloggers. This will help you to gain more knowledge about your field and the latest trends.

12. Consider Trends And Problems:

You must be aware of the prevailing trends as when you promote something in fashion people are most likely to trust your words. Keep in mind the problems faced by people now a days. This will help in promoting a product that will prove a solution to some problem is very advisable.

13. Include Yourself In The Content:

As to make people believe on the validity of the product. You can post your own pictures using that product. This is one of the best affiliate marketing tips for beginners in 2017, as people search for reviews before purchasing products.

14. Add Diversity:

Do not always promote similar sort of products. Adding diversity to the type of products that you are promoting can associate you with multiple companies. It can help you to build up your image and brand in this online business.

15. Provide Affiliate links in images

The last best affiliate marketing tips for the beginners is to provide text links for the product. It can help visitors to gain more knowledge about the product. Secondly, it is possible that visitor is finding it difficult to make decision from your sales pitch. So through your referral link, visitor gain more information about the product and purchases it.

I hope that you will all apply these best affiliate marketing tips on your blogs and can make money online easily. I am looking to see your comments and suggestions if any. Please share more tips for me and my readers. Thank you.

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