3 Simple Tips To Effective Email Marketing

Now that you chose the email marketing path in your online business, this article will address important points in email marketing. You have heard in the past that, “The money is in the list.” This is true if you want repeat business and people to market your products to. Email marketing is a powerful tool and when done right, the chance of increasing your profit is great.

As I stated in my earlier article, you need a list of subscribers and to get this list you need to offer something as encouragement for them to provide their names and email address. To also capture the emails from your subscribers, you also need a script provided by a third party like Aweber or Get Response. Of course there are many out there who can provide the script but these two are the best and my favorite is Aweber. All you do is pay monthly subscription fees, create a form, and some follow-up emails.

Now that you have these things in place, how do you effectively market to your subscribers? I have provided 3 (three) simple tips to doing this:

* Capture your visitors

This is the first step to increasing your profit. It is not just putting up a form on your site and expect the visitor to give his or her precious information. Prepare a good report on a topic related to your website or niche. The report could be some tips to doing something or ways to improve his or her life. It could also be advice on improving relationship, or something. Make sure that it is related to what the website is about. You could also give a gift to your potential subscriber.

This first step is important because not everyone visiting your site will buy something the first time. When you provide value, they will buy or offer to remain on your list and buy something in the future. I cannot stress this enough: Make sure to Capture your Visitors!

* Use Follow-up Emails

Conversion is important and to increase this rate of conversion, you have to send out follow-up emails. The first email is sent immediately, when the person opts in; thanking them for signing up to your list. The second email should be the day after the first. Sometimes you introduce one of your products to the subscriber with a link to where you want the person to check out the product. Or, you could just keep in touch with them so that they will remember you.

Space out the other emails so that the person won’t think you are spamming them, or else, they may opt out of your list. A good rule of thumb is interval of 3, 5, 7, 10 days, etc. When someone receives email from you seven (7) or more times, they are likely to buy from you, especially when the emails provide value also. These emails should also be tips to doing something, some training series, or advice. Again, Follow-up with your Subscribers!

* Use Backend Sales

You captured a list of subscribers, sent out a series of follow-up emails, offered one of your products to your subscribers. Don’t just stop there. This third step is very important to increase your revenue. This is where affiliate marketing comes in. I will discuss affiliate marketing in subsequent articles. For now, you are going to promote good products. I must stress, GOOD PRODUCTS; not just any kind of product.

If your subscribers know that you are giving them value to solve their problems, they will remain on your list. Therefore, make sure the product you are promoting solves that problem. The best thing to do is buy the product yourself and see how the product works. If you like the product, good chance is that your subscribers will also like it.

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