3 Steps To Instant Action On Anything

You’ve heard the saying that goes “Knowledge is power” right? Everyone has, I’m pretty sure… I bet you failed to tune in when the rest of the saying was mentioned though. Do you recall the last part of the quote?

If not, that’s understandable… because it was NEVER SAID. That quote is a half finished thought. Knowledge is NOT power all on its own. Here’s what the quote should say:


The acquisition of knowledge can continue on forever and ever and ever and ever (like this sentence), but somewhere along the way you have to stick your knowledge where your mouth is and make the best with what you KNOW by ACTING upon it.

The internet is known for being the information interstate. That is a good AND a bad thing. How can that be bad? Well, it’s way to easy for a person to get caught up in soaking all of the info in, and continuing to soak without turning that information into something useful, like productivity.

Balancing your STUDY to ACTION ratio is how you benefit from gained knowledge. Massive action is not the same as massive learning. Massive action is plugging yourself in and just doing, doing, doing, doing. Even if you think you suck at what you do, experience is what will teach you the most.

I don’t mean consider getting one (I dropped out myself), I mean consider what they are required to go through and apply that principle to your work. Example, my wife is currently enrolled in a university pursuing a masters in business (so that she can work for me, hehe) but she is still required to have EXPERIENCE for any career she wants. Why do you think college students do internships? It’s not for the fun of it I guarantee you. It is so they get the hands on experience that is required for what they want to do.

–> Even though college students are gaining education, they also need experience.

–> Internet Marketing is the same.

You need to figure out your study to work ratio and work on improving it. First of all, you are going to lack in productivity no matter what you do if you do not recognize the ratio. Second, you can only improve it if your always focused on ACTING more than learning. Third, even though you think you don’t know how to do something you are probably wrong and somewhere inside of you is the ability to do ANYTHING.

The work to study ration will vary from person to person. For example, my work to study ratio is leaning HEAVILY on the work (action) side rather than the study. That is because I’ve immersed myself into learning internet marketing for a long time and have committed everything I know to systematic knowledge, and created natural habits for unloading that knowledge into building my business.

If you find yourself studying courses for hours on end, you need to quickly readjust yourself. One way to notice and to realign yourself is to use timers. I have a sidebar widget that is a time. I use it often when studying something new, and as soon as it dings I stop and immediately starting applying the newly gained knowledge. Even if by only writing a journal entry about what I learned, as long as I do SOMETHING productive its beneficial.

It isn’t always about the quality of your effort right after you learn something, it is about the creation of positive habits. It is about applying yourself to ACTING no matter what, and especially without yourself holding you back.

If you do an hour of action for every hour you study, you are at a 1 : 1 ratio. That is not a very productive ration, and chances are you are studying for way more compared to your work than that. I may be wrong and you may be doing well, but you can ALWAYS improve. Don’t think otherwise, or that’s when you’ll slack.

Your goal at first should be to find the 1:1 ratio. The best way is by studying and working in equal “chunks”. Study for 20 minutes, then apply for 20 minutes, and so on. If you are like me and you have set times you spend solely on internet marketing, or whatever you do online, then you need to divide that time into equal parts.

I have 4 periods throughout the day that are my Income Generating Hours (4 hours total) and I only allot myself a little bit of time for browsing and checking things, or for reading an eBook and so on. The rest of the time I’m applying what I know how to do towards a productive business.

So, what you should do first is recognize your weak areas with this ratio, strive to hit the 1:1 ratio, and then fight to surpass it. After a while you will create your own productive habits, especially if you use the System Creation Process I’ve already outlined for you. Combining these tactics will at least double your productivity, maybe raise it even more!

What are some of the techniques you already use to be productive and make more out of your time? I’m always open to new ideas and would love you to share them below in a comment.


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