3 YouTube Video Marketing Tips You Must Get Right


When it comes down to it there are only 3 main parts that you need to be concerned with when it comes to implementing your YouTube video marketing strategies. You get these 3 basics down and you will be well on your way; simply because others won’t take the time to do them.

YOU MUST DO KEYWORD RESEARCH!! I cannot stress that enough. It isn’t hard to do and quite frankly there just isn’t any excuse for not doing it.

There are paid and free keyword research tools available. The free one provided by Google is called ‘Google keyword planner’ . It is very easy to use and straight forward allowing you to search for a keyword you think will be good. Then it will give you a list of other keywords that are similar to your search or you can have the different keywords show up in a list of keyword groups, which I find to be better.

There are many aspects when it comes to your on-page optimization, but once you get the hang of it becomes second nature.

Here are some quick on-page YouTube video marketing tips…

1. Name your video file you are uploading to YouTube as your keyword.

2. Make sure to have your keyword in your title. Don’t make your title too long, but also make sure it’s not too short. Your whole point here is to capture people’s attention so that they watch your video.

3. Fill out the description. I like to put a link to a capture page, product page, or something along those lines FIRST in my description. The whole point of YouTube video marketing is to generate leads, so I like to send them to one of my capture pages.

4. Make sure to write out a detailed description of what your video is about. This can help your video get indexed in YouTube and on Google. A minimum of 300 words is recommended, 500 is perfect.

5. Make sure to have your keywords throughout your article. On a typical blog a keyword density of 2-3% is preferred, however, for YouTube you can have anywhere from 8-10% keyword density, they are a high-authority site.

6. Include your tags (keywords) – I like to include the “main” keyword I am trying to rank for in the tags section. Then I will take my “main” keyword, go over to Google and do a search for that keyword. At the bottom Google will give you a list of “Searches related to…” with more keywords.

Usually these will be good keywords. Google is telling you that they are similar to what you just searched for, give Google what they want. Then insert around 10-12 keywords in the YouTube tags section.

7. Add annotations throughout your video including your keyword.

8. YouTube automatically adds a closed caption for the hearing impaired. If you look at what YouTube gives you it quite frankly just isn’t good enough. You will want to copy what they gave you and paste it into a plain text editor (notepad). Then fix it, make sure to include your keywords throughout your article. Then save this .txt file as your keyword and upload it back into the YouTube section for your closed caption.

You will want to make sure that you are also doing off-page optimization as well.

Building backlinks is what you need to focus on here; the more people LIKE, comment, share, subscribe, and embed your videos the better. I won’t go into too much detail on this; I use a tool that makes my life easier.

I hope that you’ve got some value out these 3 main basic YouTube video marketing tips. If you liked this video and post show me some love by clicking on the LIKE button, share it for others to see, and leave me a comment below on what you have learned or other YouTube video marketing tips that you use.


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See you on the inside,

~ Bill Cady
“The Freedom Fighter”

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