4 Steps to get 20 leads a day in Facebook

We all know that Facebook is the fastest growing social media site on the planet. So that means you can have an inexhaustible amount of leads.

The trick is how do you get those leads? I will give you some basics on how to begin to attract leads to your business on Facebook.

#1 The first mistake new and experienced marketers make is promoting their opportunity out in front. Newbies tend to blast their website and opportunity to any new friend they add to their list.
This type of activity turns most people away.

When I am sent a friend request with a message telling me about their awesome opportunity, I always ignore the request. I am a marketer myself and I do not like to be sold. I know most folks feel the same way. Facebook is a social site, so you first need to socialize. Get to know one another, develop a relationship and build trust. Once that trust is established then the time to present your opportunity will present it self. The conversation will always lead to “What is it that you do?” That is the time to present your opportunity. I know this is different than what your up line trained you to do. I’m sure you were told to talk to everyone about your awesome product and opportunity. That may or may not work for your off line efforts but I will tell you that it certainly does not work in your on line efforts.

#2 Bring value to the on line community. This goes back to #1, instead of constantly posting your business opportunity 20 times a day, post some educational material or links to one of your blog posts. Create some content that will help others build their on line business. This will help position you as a leader and not as a spammer. I’m telling you this because I had to learn this lesson for myself. It didn’t take me long to learn I wasn’t getting any results by posting my business opportunity 20 times a day.. I then learned what Attraction Marketing was all about. I learned I had to add value to the community then people would be Attracted to what I had to say. When the trust was established then I could talk about my opportunity. I know this goes against traditional marketing but traditional marketing doesn’t work in the on line arena.

#3 Target your prospects.
If you are looking to build your mlm business using Facebook you will want to connect with other mlm people. Why should you connect with other mlm people? We all know that this is a tough business and that 97% will quit within the first year. That is where your value comes in. If you can share with someone how to get a few leads you have given them more than their sponsor ever has. Do you think that person you helped might want to listen to what you have to say. When you can show them how to get results they will eventually follow you. This means the more value you provide them the more they see you as a leader and will do whatever you want them to do. Primarily join YOUR opportunity!

#4 Join groups. Look for groups that are formed for network marketing. Use the search feature in Facebook and search for mlm, network marketing or specific mlm companies. When you find a group that you want to target, go to the members button to see everyone that is involved in the group. Begin by hitting “Add as a Friend” button. When the window opens you will see “Send a personal Message”. Click on that link and a message box will open. Type in a short note, then hit “Send Message”. You will get a better response by typing a note. Especially if you looked at the intended friend’s profile and make a comment about something in their profile. It could be as simple as “Nice profile. I like to connect with like minded people. Want to exchange ideas on how to build our business? Have a great day!” Never plug your business opportunity in the friend request note. I try to connect with 50 people a day using this method.

I’ve just given you 4 tips that bring me daily leads from Facebook.

Please feel free to adopt these techniques in your on line marketing efforts.

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