Brian Ignomirello is the Founder & CEO of Symbolic IO. Hewlett-Packard’s former Storage CTO, he has helped shape the storage industry for the past 25 years.  Prior to starting Symbolic IO in early 2012, Brian founded Storagenix, an organization that focuses on incubation and development with key storage thought leaders around the world. He is still currently Chairman of the Board. Seen as a true innovator, Brian spent over four years as Hewlett-Packard’s Storage CTO, demonstrating his ability to translate technology benefits into true business, operational and financial benefits.

Prior to HP, Brian held leadership engineering positions at both EMC in the early days, GiantLoop Networks and NetApp, during its development of Unified Storage. His development engineering team contains some of the brightest mathematicians and physicists on the planet. A frequent keynote speaker at conferences, Brian has also received numerous engineering related awards.



Jonah Ninger is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Symbolic IO. With over 20 years of executive level experience, Jonah joined Symbolic IO almost 3 years ago when the company was still in stealth mode, perfecting its technology and continuing to work with investors. He is responsible for all of the day-to-day operations within the organization and plays an important role in the overall corporate strategic direction, investor relations management and go-to-market planning.

Prior to joining Symbolic IO, Jonah spent several years as the Executive Vice President of Strategy & Corporate Development at Q, the world’s leading subscription service for full-length music concerts and documentaries. Previously he spent four years as the CEO of mycontent.com, a company he also co-founded that revolutionized content distribution, allowing content owners to easily publish and monetize their audio and video content. Jonah had a wide range of responsibilities including general leadership, contract evaluation and negotiation, strategy, vision, consumer messaging, user acquisition, overall product management and business and corporate development.

Prior to mycontent.com, Jonah held several other executive positions including the COO and CEO of CMI, Inc., Vice President of Sales and Business Development of Stargus and Director at Telcordia – SAIC. Jonah graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park.



Rob Peglar is the Chief Technology Officer of Symbolic IO. Rob is a seasoned technology executive with 40 years of data storage, network and compute-related experience. He is a published author and is active on many industry boards, providing insight and guidance. He brings a vast knowledge of strategy and industry trends to Symbolic IO. Rob is also on the Board of Directors for the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and an advisor for the Flash Memory Summit. His role at Symbolic IO includes working with the management team to drive the future product portfolio, executive-level forecasting and customer/partner interaction from early-stage negotiations through implementation and deployment. He also manages the team in driving sales and answering business needs for customers with the IRIS technology.

Prior to joining Symbolic IO, Rob was the Vice President, Advanced Storage at Micron Technology, where he led next-generation technology and architecture enablement efforts for Micron’s Storage Business Unit, driving storage solution development with strategic customers and partners. Previously, he was the CTO, Americas for EMC, where he led the entire CTO functions for the Americas.

Prior to EMC, Rob was the Treasurer and Director for SNIA, as well as the Director and Treasurer for the High Performance Cluster File Systems Software Foundation. He has also held senior level positions at Xiotech Corporation, StorageTek and ETA Systems.

Rob’s extensive experience in data management, analytics, high-performance computing, non-volatile memory, distributed cluster architectures, filesystems, I/O performance optimization, cloud storage and replication and archiving, networking and virtualization makes him a sought-after industry expert and board member. He was named an EMC Elect in 2014, 2015 and 2016. He was one of 25 senior executives worldwide selected for the CRN ‘Storage Superstars’ Award in 2010.

Rob received his B.S. in Computer Science from Washington University in St. Louis.