IRIS™ Compute offers full application interoperability, powerful compute, Symbolic StorModules™ and Advanced Non-Volatile Power control components with elegant management that enable a flexible general purpose server to run IO at DRAM speeds.


IRIS™ Vault incorporates Symbolic’s SymCE™ to enable an easy-to-use, full media-agnostic solution, which includes two fully integrated type-1 proven virtualization engines, simplified management, media amplification, newGEN snapshot/cloning technology, full data security and BLINK™ backup (backup entire infrastructure in minutes). It also offers enhanced physical security features with the inclusion of IRIS™ Advanced EYE ASIC (a removable component).


IRIS™ Store enables the flexible hardware to expand its capacity into multiple storage tiers:

TIER-1: Symbolic IO StorModules

TIER-2: any PCI storage

TIER-3: SSD and traditional disk

Fully populated, the solution holds over 380TB of capacity. When deployed in conjunction with IRIS™ VAULT, the solution holds upwards of 1.8PB of data in as little as four inches (2U).